Learn Better Sex

An app to help you create your best sex life, with a personalized, expert-curated program based on science and psychology

What to expect


Expert-vetted content on topics such as pleasure techniques, communication and the science behind sex


Solo and partner exercises created by a sex and intimacy coach


Vulnerable, sexy and funny stories from relatable and interesting people


Poll results, community conversation, and private quizzes for a journey relevant to you

...all designed to guide you to greater intimacy and enjoyment, awakening you to the potential of your sexual experience

“One of my favorite things about 
Coral is more sex.”

Joshua, 38, M

“Coral showed me how to be more comfortable and helped me get to know myself better.”

Mike, 32, M

“What I learned about desire and arousal has changed the way I think about intimacy with a partner.”

Nadia, 23, F