The 2020 Valentine’s Day gift guide you really want

Throw away the flowers and chocolate, real intimacy is on the menu this V-Day

Americans today are obsessed with wellness. We’re spending more money on exercise and nutrition supplements than ever before and with most of us working increasingly long hours we frequently choose to spend our hard-earned dollars on experiences rather than things. But, confusingly, this trend hasn’t reached our romantic and sexual lives.

Studies have shown that people today are increasingly unsatisfied with their sex lives. In a recent study in the UK, 49% of 25- to 34-year-old women reported a lack of sexual enjoyment.1 And while around 85% of participants in a recent survey found their heterosexual relationship very or extremely emotionally satisfying, over one in five of the women in the survey said the sex in their relationships was only moderately or not at all pleasurable.2

If we’re opting for an overseas vacation over a new car every year, why would we buy a dozen cliché roses and a heart-shaped box of candy for the person who matters the most to us? When we neglect our sex lives we’re leaving a lot of relationship satisfaction on the table.  

Whether this is your first Valentine’s Day together or your 50th, dinner at a fancy restaurant just isn’t going to cut it in 2020. Here’s our sexual wellness gift guide for what you should do for your partner (or request they do for you!) on February 14th.

Wholly giving, wholly receiving

Is your partner stressed, overworked, constantly taking care of others and neglecting their own needs? This non-sexual partner exercise coaches you through giving them a sensual massage that allows them to fully relax and receive pleasure without any expectation of returning the favor.

Look at your partner differently

In our busy lives today it’s hard to find the time to connect with ourselves let alone with our partners on a truly deep, intimate level, yet it’s exactly that kind of connection that we most crave. In this non-sexual exercise you and your partner make eye contact without speaking while listening to guiding prompts. You’d be amazed what a profound experience looking into someone’s eyes for five minutes can be.

Vulva massage

Most people with vulvas are naturally givers who prioritize others’ needs above their own, making the opportunity to simply relax and receive a rare and nourishing gift. This guided erotic massage works by building sexual tension slowly, encouraging the receiver to relax fully into their physical sensations as they inch closer and closer to orgasm. This exercise is sure to take your partner to levels of pleasure they didn’t even know existed.

Penis massage

If your partner has a penis, chances are they are used to taking the lead (and the responsibility) during sex. This erotic massage (and yes, it’s different than a hand job!) gives you the chance to flip that script and give them an experience they will truly never forget.

Oral pleasure for women

Receiving oral sex is one of the most pleasurable and vulnerable acts a person with a vagina will experience, which is all the more reason to do it right. This exercise will guide you through the various stages of arousal your partner will experience in order to give them the most intense sexual sensory experience they’ve ever had.

Oral pleasure for men

Sure, you’ve given your partner a blow job, but have you ever tried giving them one while being guided step-by-step by a professional sex and intimacy coach? This exercise is for those who want to create an experience for their penis-owning partner that will dial their pleasure up to 11.

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