Seven erogenous zones to focus on tonight

Demystifying one of sex’s most intriguing topics

Written by Swan Huntley

First, let’s define erogenous zones.

These are the extra sensitive parts of your body that, when stimulated in the right way, can produce intense sexual pleasure.

The sensitivity of each erogenous zone varies according to how many nerve endings exist there, and also according to personal preferences. Every body is different. We all have specific spots that turn us on. We all have our own little quirks.

Do yourself a favor and figure out which erogenous zones get you the most excited. Then tell your partner about them. Some of these areas can be accessed yourself during masturbation if you have a free hand.

Starting from the top of the body, here’s a list of basic erogenous zones you want to know about. Some are intuitive. Others might be surprising.

1. Scalp

Hello, nerve endings. There are a ton of them on your scalp. A light brush is enough to do the trick here, and don’t forget about hair tugging.

2. Ears

Inside the ears lurk hundreds of sensory receptors. Licking, kissing, or breathing heavily into someone’s ear can translate to serious arousal. Layer in more by whispering clever words into your partner’s ear. When we feel connected to someone, that bond is a turn-on.

3. Armpits?

That question mark is not a typo. Are the armpits seriously an erogenous zone? Yes, for some people they are. As with the other most sensitive areas of the body where the skin is very thin, the armpits can have a tremendous response to a light touch. Get to know your partner’s armpits during foreplay. They’ll either think you’re crazy or a genius. It’s worth a shot.

4. Nipples

Did you know you can have a nipple orgasm? Nipples are a fire-hot erogenous zone. Fun fact: for women, this area is especially sensitive during menstruation.

5. Sacrum

The small of the back contains the lowest part of your spine, which is connected to the pelvis bone. Touching this area even a little bit can send tingles right to the genitals.

6. Bottom of feet

Everybody likes a foot massage, and about 18% of us like going a little further in the foot department.1 Apply pressure at different levels and get your mouth in on the action.

7. Genitals

Let’s break down the vast and complex lands of the vagina and the penis.

Erogenous zones women love

Hello, the vaginal region. This includes the public mound, the clitoris, the G-spot, the cervix and the lesser-known A-spot.

Can you believe the clitoris contains 8,000 nerve endings? Considering how small it is, that’s kind of incredible. Cutely, it’s covered by a hood because it’s so sensitive! It’s okay to be ginger here. A little goes a long way.

The A-spot, or anterior fornix, comprises the lower part of the vaginal opening. This is where women want to be penetrated with a dildo, a penis, one finger or multiple.

Then, inside the vagina there’s the G-spot, which you can reach with a finger, a vibrator, a dildo, or a strap-on, whatever suits your fancy. This is the erogenous zone that stimulates female ejaculation.

Erogenous zones men love

Using the penis to make a man happy is an art. Here are some basic anatomical things to know.

The head of the penis is the most sensitive part of the penile region. If a penis is uncircumcised, the foreskin can be used as a rubbing tool. Massage it gently back and forth over the head.

Underneath that, where the shaft meets the head, is the frenulum. This elastic area is a trigger for orgasms. Applying pressure here is a good idea.

The spot between the scrotum and the anus, colloquially called the taint and medically called the perineum, loves to be massaged. If you want to go deeper, stick your finger into the rectum to get to the prostate. This small gland can produce extraordinary pleasure for men when stimulated in the right way.

Bottom line: it’s okay to trust yourself

Now you have a blueprint of some basic erogenous zones, but don’t get too in your head about it. Closing your eyes can help you be less inhibited. Listen for sounds. Don’t be afraid to lean in to something that might seem weird at first. It’s okay to trust yourself.


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