Think kink is only for the fringe? Think again

A majority of Coral users have tried something non-vanilla

Written by Abigail Swoap

Are you a rope bunny, a toy expert? A seasoned dom or a shy sub? Maybe you’re a swinger, an exhibitionist or a voyeur? Or maybe, you have no idea what these words mean. Either way, we’re here to help our users have better sex, and sometimes better sex includes experimenting outside your comfort zone.

No matter how you tie it, cuff it or lick it, your fellow Coralers’ responses to our in-app polls are proof that non-vanilla bedroom activity is worth the effort.

Let’s start by peppering in some spicy statistics: when asked how hot their sex has been the past few times on a scale of black pepper to habañero:  

We also asked users about their sex toy preferences both in real life and in the hypothetical. Seventy-one percent of users stated that they’d take a look inside a sex shop if they passed by it on a Sunday stroll, and 6% admitted they’d leave with more than one shopping bag in hand. The most popular item in their bags would likely be sex rope, since 56% of users revealed rope play as part of their BDSM fantasy. Thirty-sex percent might opt for fuzzy handcuffs, while 8% of respondents’ ideal toy would be a ball gag. When it comes to sex in the real world, however, only 8% of respondents considered themselves experts in the realm of whips, restraints and other BDSM toys. This reflects a trend we’ve seen since quarantine began: sex toy retailers have seen dramatic increases in sales. Turns out pleasure really is essential.

Think the sex you’re having is kinkier than everyone else’s? If so, you might be mistaken. Ninety-one percent of survey respondents have received a mark on their body from spanking, whipping or love bites in the bedroom. Thirty-two percent of them described their look in the aftermath of a kinky encounter as “like a field hockey player.” It’s not surprising, considering that 62% of Coralers have either been dominated by or dominated a partner in bed. For those who are less interested in physical domination, acting out fantasy seems to be the kink of choice: 53% of respondents have role-played in bed at some point.

Our latest questionnaire asked users about their group sex preferences and fantasies. A threesome is high on 37% of users’ sexual bucket lists, and 27% of users have tried it in real life. When it comes to hypothetical orgies and swinger parties, Coralers were even more eager. If an acquaintance were to invite users to a sex party, 55% would consider it and 13% would immediately start planning their outfit. In real life, however, only 17% have tried group sex. However, two percent of those who have tried group sex identify as card-carrying swingers.

We’re grateful for the Coral community’s willingness to share about their sex lives. Keep on kinking on!

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