How to Feel Sexy After a Mastectomy

If one or both of your breasts have been removed, you're probably feeling self-conscious about the drastic change in your body. Because, while you appreciate the fact that men now look at your face when you're conversing (up here, boys), your collection of deep V-necks now leaves you feeling flat and slightly sexless. What good is a halter top, after all, without the cleavage?

And not only that, but you're worried. How will he react to the changed landscape of your body? How will foreplay change now that you don't have boobs to caress, or nipples to nuzzle? Will he still be attracted to you? And were all those cardio striptease classes a complete waste of time now that you're missing one (or both) of your boobs?

We wouldn't give up on that cardio striptease routine if we were you. Chances are, your man would still enjoy a private showing, and we guarantee that he's still wowed by the curve of your hips, your thighs, your butt, and even your remaining breast if one survived. In fact, we're pretty sure that men are blind to all of your perceived imperfections... especially once the clothes come off.

Still, what you're feeling is valid, and undeniable. So what are your options?

Request Breast Reconstruction Surgery

You can go one of two routes here. You can choose saline or silicone implants, which would be inserted under your chest muscle in order to create a mound. Or you could opt for breast reconstruction using your own skin tissue, usually taken from the lower abdomen. Because -- while we think you look fantastic no matter what -- having even faux breasts can make you feel better about your body. Just remember that the sensations you experience in that area will be different from what you were used to.

Obtain a Prosthesis

Prostheses usually come in silicone or foam rubber, and they're available in a variety of sizes, shapes, weights, and colors. And if you're willing to pony up the extra cash, you can even have one custom-made to match your remaining breast. Your prosthesis can be attached to your body with an adhesive glue, or you can get one that slips into a bra-like contraption. In fact, there are a number of manufacturers out there who design clothing made with hidden pockets for prostheses, including bathing suits and sexy lingerie. Check out sites like and for just a glimpse at all the options you have.

Touch Each Other... All Over

Because of the lack of sensation in your breast area, you guys will need to go looking for new erogenous zones that can get you all hot and bothered. In fact, even without cancer, everything changes on our body as we grow. We constantly have to explore and be explored. In many cases, the pleasure zones relocate slightly above where they were before. So the crook of your neck or that spot behind your ear has the potential to make you go wild. But don't neglect the rest of your body. Demand a foot rub. An erotic massage. A full-body rub-down. You could even use a toy, like a bullet vibrator or other massager. If you use a blindfold, sensitivity will be heightened, too, which will make it easier for the two of you to watch each other's responses to various types of touch.

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