Good in Bed Survey on Relationship Boredom

The full report is available in pdf format.

The purpose of this survey was to further understand relationship boredom within the context of committed relationships. Additionally, this survey assessed how relationship boredom is related to sex and sexuality within those relationships.

25% of the sample reported feeling bored in their relationship, with an additional 25% of the sample on the brink of boredom.


There is research to support the idea that as relationship duration increases, boredom may set in and impact other areas of the relationship. A large body of research indicates that sexual and relationship satisfactions are incredibly intertwined. Therefore, experiencing boredom in a relationship is likely to impact the sexual aspects of the relationship.


Data was collected through an online survey from 1418 men (42.4%) and 1923 women (57.6%) who were in a relationship at the time of data collection. Participants were recruited through various online forums (e.g., Good in Bed, Facebook, Twitter) and directed to the study website. Potential participants were informed that a small incentive would be offered for involvement in the study (a code to redeem a free e-book from

Upon accessing the survey, participants were presented with a number of questions that assessed demographic and sexual behaviors, relationship dynamics, and questions that assessed the construct of boredom. This study used a web-based data collection method. Internet surveys provide a more comfortable environment to collect data on sensitive issues such as sexuality, and therefore individuals were more likely to submit accurate sexual and relationship information online. All responses were completely anonymous and we did not collect any identifying information from participants.


The rest of the report is available in pdf format.

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