14 COVID-safe date ideas

Because coronavirus can’t stop us from being hopeless romantics

Written by Abby Lee Hood
Everything about how we celebrate holidays has changed since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s difficult to travel, gather in groups or frequent our normal haunts, like movie theaters and bars. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to have a good time, and this Valentine’s Day we want to help you make it the best and most creative yet.

There are precautions to take, sure, and we’ll talk about that too. So no matter who you’re dating, or how long you’ve been together, keep reading for the important details (like if COVID transmits via sex) and how to make the evening special.

What does COVID have to do with sex? 

It’s not really accurate to say COVID is transmitted via sex. Studies show COVID has appeared in fecal material, which does come into play during intercourse that involves anal play and penetration, or some types of oral sex. While scientists say coronavirus can’t be transmitted through reproductive fluids, everything else about intimacy can make you sick.

Being close together, having intimate contact, heavy breathing and extended periods indoors can absolutely spread COVID-19, so it’s important to take precautions if you’re planning on hooking up with a new partner. Even with a long term, trusted partner, if you don't live together you still need to make sure you’re both wearing masks, social distancing and quarantining. If either of you experience symptoms, you’ll want to get tested too.

If you’re both (or all) on the same page and feel confident you aren’t carrying COVID, you can absolutely make plans to hook up safely, taking into consideration the way you’ll travel and making sure to wash your hands frequently. Sex is still very much on the table!

Of course, the same issues that make sex difficult are also the same reasons you can’t date in the same way. Businesses are closed or have limited capacities, or you may just not feel comfortable taking a risk. Totally understandable! The ideas below include dates for new couples, long term partners and some that are both indoors and outdoors. 

Ready for a little safe dating inspiration? We’ve got you covered! Here are 14 COVID-friendly date ideas any couple might enjoy for Valentine’s Day.

Take a hike, together. 

Exercise is great for our mental health and outdoorsy couples will love taking on a new trail together. Find something local or consider a day hike. Depending on your local climate you may even be able to camp outside. Who wouldn’t love getting intimate under the stars on Valentine’s Day? But even a simple, short walk through the woods close to home brings you together and keeps you both active.

Explore virtual sex. 

Can’t travel, or live very far apart? Digital sexting is a massive upgrade from sexting and is so intimate. You can have virtual sex with a trusted partner, and we guarantee watching them get off will help you do the same.

Online painting class. 

Those in-person painting classes with wine and snacks are so fun, but few are open right now. The good news is there are a ton of options online for you and your partner, and painting supplies are relatively affordable on Amazon.

All dressed up. 

It doesn’t matter if you have nowhere to go, putting on real clothes for the first time in a long time is a great confidence booster! If you’ve found yourself in a new relationship in the past few months it’s also unlikely you’ve been anywhere to take nice photos. Consider picking out an outfit for each other from things you already own, or plan ahead to shop online and pick up something stylish and new. Photos are highly recommended! 

Poetry in the park. 

Feeling romantic, and love the outdoors but want something less tiring? A trip to the park gets you outside, a safe way to socially distance while still leaving the house. Take along a book of poetry to read together or write your own. Since it may still be chilly, don’t forget cozy blankets and hot cups of coffee or tea.

Dancing queens. 

There’s something so sexy, and so intimate, about dancing together. And we don’t mean the middle school hands-on-waist-and-sway kind of dancing, but something with a little more pizazz. Clear the living room and take a peek at some online courses, then dance the night away! 

Day at the museum. 

Many local museums are still open, some by appointment only, and require masks to safely enter. Since February is also Black History Month, make a point to identify local exhibits on Black culture and history or find an exhibit dedicated to a local Black leader or politician in your area. This is a great idea for newer couples as you’ll get the chance to learn something new together with little pressure to be physically close.

Staycation vibes. 

Need a little relaxation time together? We’d suggest starting off with breakfast in bed; the best chef cooks and the other can clean up. Throw on your favorite film and dive into foot massages, then top it off with face masks or a nap. You deserve to rest! 

Drive-in movie night. 

Can’t make it to a theatre but still want a night out? Drive-in movie theaters are back and bigger than ever. If you’ve got one in your area plan ahead with wine, blankets for the back seat and bring pillows to lean against. 

Duke it out in a new video game. 

Got a competitive streak and feel like going head-to-head with something entertaining? Try a new video game you’ve both never played before (to even the odds!). Choose from one-on-one fighting games or something family-friendly like Splatoon.

Potluck for two. 

Cooking together can be so fun and cozy, and if you each agree to make your favorite dish you’ll learn something new about each other (and maybe a new recipe too!) Bonus points if the dishes don’t match, like breakfast and lunch foods. Make it fun!

Bust a pup out of jail. 

Did you know many local shelters need dog walkers to help the shelter pups get enough exercise? While you may not be ready or willing to adopt a dog, especially together, it’s so wholesome and fun to walk one for an hour or so. Plus, it’s an outdoor activity that keeps you active! Call your local shelter to ask for their guidelines.

Unprofessional creativity. 

Want to try something creative but don’t want the pressure or expectations of purchasing and performing after a digital class? No worries. Puzzles have been a huge quarantine hit, as have diamond dot paintings. It’s something relaxing you can do together but with no real expectations to produce something professional.

Get sexy in a new way. 

You should’ve known we couldn’t make a list without giving you a bit more sex advice. Listen, it’s easy to fall into the same sex routine and use the same positions over and over, and while we’re not saying a single toy purchase or new position will solve all your problems, asking your partner if they have any unrequited fantasies to explore can open new doors. A little communication goes a long way in spicing up your sex life! Try something new together.

No matter what your Valentine’s Day looks like, you can’t go wrong as long as you’re being safe and cautious. We hope you’ll find an idea to make the day special. 

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