A Sexy Staycation

When it comes to your sex life, you could probably use a staycation every once in awhile. (A staycation is a vacation from life that doesn't require that you actually leave home.) In fact, we insist upon it. For this particular staycation, we're taking you on a trip around the world.

Location: You get to stay home for this one, but -- as counterintuitive as it may seem -- this staycation will require discipline. Unplug and power down your phones. (Yes, even your iPhone.) Shut down your computer(s). (Yes, even your laptop.) We even suggest staying away from the TV. (Yes, even if that new Netflix arrives in the mail.)

Props: As with any vacation, you need to be prepared, so hit up the stores for any necessary groceries, and other supplies, beforehand. Because you're not allowed to run errands when you're on staycation.

Do It: You'll be spending your morning in France, so heat up some chocolate croissants and brew the coffee for the café au laits. Use this time to reconnect without your typical day-to-day distractions and, even more importantly, just breathe. In experiencing so much less stress, your libido will have room (and time) to grow (and the chocolate -- a known aphrodisiac -- will help in this department, too). After your leisurely breakfast, feel free to extend these French indulgences into your sex play. There are sex shops that sell chocolate massage oils and body creams, and chocolate body sauces and body paint.

You'll spend the rest of the day in the Caribbean, relaxing with tropical cocktails, and giving each other erotic massages. Pick up some extra-fluffy towels to lie down on, and use massage oils in scents like orange blossom, vanilla, and lavender. If your massage turns into something more, we won't tell.

In the evening, we ask that you travel to Italy for a meal filled with libido-boosting shellfish: mussels in garlic and wine sauce... clams oreganata... Split a bottle of wine as well, and allow yourselves to get giggly, and let go of your typical inhibitions surrounding sex and your body. If you take a look at Italian art during the Renaissance, you'll notice that the naked, human form was a major focus, and that flesh and curves were beautiful.

Finally, spend the night in Australia, where the Arrernte people have sex three to five times a night, sleeping for short intervals between each act of lovemaking. You may find this exhausting in the end, but don't worry. You're on staycation. You can sleep in!

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