Fact or fiction?!

Debunking the ten most common masturbation myths 

Written by Abby Lee Hood 

Although we’d all think to think that in 2021 masturbation and sex are easy topics to talk about, and that everyone is ready to stop the stigma around adult conversations, the truth is far from it. In fact, Google search trends reveal there are tons of masturbation myths that persist today, and every single one simply isn’t true!

For Masturbation May, we’re debunking ten of the most common masturbation myths, some of which are based on Google search trends and some of which are simply ones we hear a lot. 

Does masturbation make you weak?

Right now, this is the most searched masturbation topic according to Google, and searches are on the rise. It’s hard to say whether people are asking if masturbation makes you physically weak, or whether they wonder if “giving in” to the desire is a bad thing. Either way, neither is true! According to Medical News Today, masturbation releases a lot of great hormones and endorphins in your brain, which means you’re not bad for wanting to take care of your brain through self pleasure! However, they also note the hormonal effects leave your body after orgasm. That means physical changes, like weakening muscles, are impossible. 

Does masturbation cause infection?

Masturbation itself doesn’t cause infection, but like any other activity, hygiene is important. Toys and hands should be cleaned regularly, and condoms should be used when sharing toys with partners. Additionally, washing up afterwards is important, and never put anything in your body that isn’t made from medical-grade or body safe material! Food items, items not intended for self-pleasure and some crystal wands shouldn’t be inserted into your body. Check manufacturing or seller details before you play! 

Masturbation has tons of immunity-boosting benefits according to Medical News Today, so as long as you keep it clean, you’re good to go!

Does masturbation cause memory loss?

Quite the opposite! According to Healthline, masturbation can improve your mood, relieve stress and anxiety and improve sleep. Sleep is linked to improving memory, and Medical News Today says masturbation releases Endocannabinoids, vital to regulating bodily processes that include memory!

It’s worth repeating that masturbation has tons of benefits, some of them physical and some of them mental and emotional.

Is masturbation healthy?

Yes, it absolutely is! This is a common search and you’ll be pleased to know, as we mentioned, that masturbation provides tons of benefits.

Besides the hormone regulation, it increases body confidence and boosts your sexual wellness. This is because masturbation is a great way to learn what your body enjoys, how you like pleasure and what makes you orgasm. Learning your desires makes them easier to communicate to partners so sex will be even more enjoyable. What’s not to love about self love?

Does masturbation help sleep?

Yes! And for many reasons. Medical News Today reported the hormonal releases that happen during orgasm and masturbation. However, masturbation also helps you relax and feel good. If you’re stressed or can’t seem to stop anxious thoughts, masturbation may be able to provide some relief and help you wind down before bed, especially if you make an occasion of it! 

We love the idea of drawing a hot bubble bath, gathering your favorite toys and a soothing drink and spending a little time with yourself. You’re sure to have a good night of rest after!

Does masturbation cause blindness?

For some reason, this myth is a common one we see on Google search trends from time to time, or just hear about with friends. This feels like the kind of thing kids joke about in school, or else use to make fun of a developing classmate who may have said something about sex or masturbation.

Well, it’s simply not true! Masturbation does not cause blindness, so you can let the urban legend go for good! 

Does masturbation cause hairy palms?

Here’s another one that seems like the kind of thing kids might say among their groups at school, or what you might hear a friend who isn’t very sex positive say. Google doesn’t tell us which age groups are searching for these myths, but we’re sure there are some adults out there who wonder the same things. And hey, there’s no shame from us! In a world where sex can be very taboo, it’s common for misunderstandings to happen. Our job is to debunk them.

Does masturbation lower your sensitivity?

Here’s another myth we hear all the time, but one in which the exact opposite is true. In fact, Healthline reports that “for women who have sexual dysfunction, enhanced stimulation (including masturbation) can help increase sexual desire and sensitivity.”

If your libido is low, especially if it’s because of previous trauma, know that nothing is wrong with you and you aren’t broken. Not craving sex isn’t a bad thing. But, if you’d like to increase your sex drive masturbation is a great place to start because it makes communicating your desires easier, and you can discover if you like fast or slow clitoral stimulation, how much pressure, and so on. It’s also a safe space to enjoy pleasure because you’re your own sex partner. Self pleasure doesn’t require a partner, making it much less anxiety-inducing for trauma survivors.

This is sometimes paired with questions about whether masturbation indicates sex addiction. The answer is also no! Daily masturbation is healthy and normal. As long as sex and self pleasure isn’t interfering with your responsibilities, social life or other parts of your daily activities, you’re good to go.

However, we do want to note that Healthine says “masturbation can affect sensitivity during sex for men because of their technique. Research has shown that too tight of a grip on a penis during masturbation can decrease sensation.”

Gendered language aside, people with penises may want to switch up their technique if they’re having sensitivity problems.

Can masturbation cause hair loss?

This category of myth just won’t stop! It shows up on Google search trends regularly. Luckily, masturbation doesn’t cause hair loss. It also doesn’t cause baldness, hair thinning or any other problems with your hair!

Is masturbation wrong?

There’s so much to love about masturbation it’s difficult to understand why people are looking this one up. Still, we understand some people are raised in cultures where masturbation and even sex are discouraged.

While we can’t tell you what to believe, we’ve laid out a pretty compelling list of health benefits masturbation brings. And, remember that healthy conversations about masturbation and sex lead to healthy sex lives. Telling people sex is bad, wrong, or immoral, or that self pleasure is wrong, only creates unhealthy and toxic relationships with pleasure. It doesn’t serve anyone, and it can actually make people vulnerable to abuse and toxic people.

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