Celebrating Pride at home

Tips for unvaccinated or high risk folks

Written by Abby Lee Hood

Pride is an annual celebration of the LBGTQ+ community and we’re so glad it’s here! June is a time to reflect, celebrate, learn, and to support members of the queer community if you’re an ally. But with coronavirus and social distancing still a worry for many, it’s possible you’ll be celebrating at home this year; and that’s okay!

Pride is no less exciting and important just because you celebrate at home, so we’ve got seven great ideas to help you show your pride no matter where you are. Plus, let’s talk about some reasons why you might not be ready to come out yet.

Reasons to celebrate Pride at home

The queer community is as diverse as any other. This means not everybody has the same experience, and not everyone is comfortable being out that. That’s okay! You’re not obligated to be public with your identity, or even to use labels. It’s okay to question your gender or sexuality or need more time to figure it out.

Additionally, some folks simply don’t live in supportive environments or regions. Some countries still criminalize homosexuality, and in the U.S. many people may have homophobic or toxic families. It’s a sad and unfortunate reality, but many queer people face oppression even in their own home. This means it’s simply not safe physically or emotionally to come out, but it doesn’t make them any less valid.

Whatever your reasons may be for not being out yet, you deserve to celebrate in whatever you can, and know that it’s alright to be quiet about your identity. In addition, some members of the community may live in places where COVID-19 infection rates are still high, or in places where large gatherings are difficult. Some LGBTQ+ folks may also be immunocompromised, meaning their high risk of getting seriously ill makes it dangerous to mingle in crowds or parades.

Your choice to celebrate at home is a responsible and exciting one, so let’s load you up on ways to make it the best Pride you can.

Make it a movie night

There are so many queer-friendly movies it’s hard to choose just one! The good news is you don’t have to leave the house with an at-home movie night. You can choose, say, a Western movie like Brokeback Mountain featuring Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal.

You could go for something historical, like Milk, featuring Sean Penn as late gay rights activist and politician Harvey Milk, who made history as the first openly gay person elected to public office in California. 

You could swing in an entirely different direction and simply re-watch old movies you love with queer characters, like Lord of the Rings, which features Sir Ian McKellen as Gandalf. McKellen is openly gay and has been since the '80s. 

If none of these suit your fancy, no worries. Gay Times recently posted a list of 21 LGBTQ+ movies you might like to watch this Pride month.

Live it up online!

Nobody said you can’t hang out virtually, and many organizations are hosting parades, concerts and more live streaming events to celebrate the month.

Bluegrass Pride, a roots music organization, is raising money for queer artists all month long. NYC Pride’s fifth annual march will be broadcast live for free, as well as hosting many other in-person and virtual events you can choose from.

You should also check in with your local LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce to find out about marches, streams and virtual events in your area!

Have a small themed gathering with friends

Recently, President Biden told U.S. residents that small gatherings are possible and safe when everyone is vaccinated. That’s great news! And it means you and a group of friends can get together and celebrate however you like.

What about hitting up a local queer-owned bookstore, having a backyard barbecue or hitting the river or beach to soak up some sunshine? You could also have a picnic in the nearest park or just order pizza for a lazy night in.

It doesn’t really matter what you do, it’s about being together with the people you care about, your queer friends and allies. Create a supportive space for yourself this month and soak in the good vibes!

Journal about your experiences

Pride is also a great time for personal growth and self-reflection. If your journal is the only place you can be out, that’s okay. You could also write down your goals for Pride month, how you feel about your identity or notes from a recent therapy session.

Journaling is such a good tool to learn about and celebrate ourselves, and it’s good stress relief, too. 

Educate yourself

Did you know that coal miners and queer activists came together in the '80s to support each other during hard times? How familiar are you with Marsha P. Johnson, one of the original Black, trans creators of Pride? Do you remember what happened at Stonewall?

It’s totally normal to be unfamiliar with queer history. After all, some states are eliminating it from textbooks even today. That’s why it’s so important to self-educate, especially if you’re an ally! Understanding queer history and the oppression the community faces is the best way to begin supporting and advocating for equality.

Take some time this Pride to uncover things you never knew about the LGBTQ+ community, no matter how long you’ve been in it.

Donate time or money to a great cause

You can always give something to support the community. Consider donating to GLAADHRC or the ACLU. All three organizations fight for human rights 24/7, 365 days a year—not just during Pride. And they need your help!

If you can’t donate, give your time! Volunteer with the above organization or find a local LGBTQ Chamber to see if they need your help. If you don’t have a queer-centric organization in your area you might consider giving time to groups that promote racial equality, support domestic abuse victims or assist houseless community members. Many times, you’ll find queer people among these highly vulnerable communities.

Support and promote equality in legislation actions.

This year several states in the U.S. introduced record numbers of anti-trans and anti-LGBTQ bills, and many of them passed. You can track anti-LGBTQ bills here, and consider writing or visiting your local representatives to express their need for support of the queer community.

You can make a difference, and we desperately need you to!

However you celebrate Pride this year, make it your own. We wish you the happiest and healthiest Pride! 

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