Infidelity and the Emotional Aftermath

Emotions run rampant after disclosure of an affair and many people aren't able to get a grip on themselves, let alone what the future of the relationship holds. It's best in these times to adopt a wait-and-see approach.

In her book Not "Just Friends" Dr. Shirley Glass recommends that a couple wait three months before making a final decision about the relationship. Feelings of ambivalence and uncertainty are common in the weeks after the discovery of infidelity, and they can cloud both partners' commitment to the relationship.

Rather than feeling like you have to reach a conclusion quickly--especially amid so much confusion--start working towards repairing the relationship and give yourselves three months to get your bearings.

8 strategies to regain trust after infidelity

The days and weeks after an admission of infidelity are among the most vulnerable and disorienting a betrayed partner will ever feel. It's up to the person who strayed to re-establish a basic sense of safety and trust immediately, if the relationship is to be salvaged:

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