What is sapiosexuality?

Everything you need to know about this possible orientation

Written by Martina Orsolic

If you want to arouse someone, you need to press the right buttons that will trigger their desire to get down and dirty with you. If you want to arouse a sapiosexual, you need to press the intellectual buttons. Why?

Because sapiosexuals are individuals who are sexually or romantically attracted to intelligent people. Yup, that actually exists (sarcasm intended).

For a sapiosexual, the hottest body part is the BRAIN. This means that deep intellectual conversations are an inevitable part of dating, sex, and relationships. And, no, sapiosexuals aren’t only attracted to other people’s intelligence (because that would be practically impossible) but they prioritize it more than their appearance. 

Now comes the controversial part. 

Is sapiosexuality valid sexual orientation, sexual preference, or something else? The online and the real world are still trying to compromise the categorization of sapiosexuality. Their attempts have, so far, been unsuccessful.

Some people define sapiosexuality as legit sexual orientation, while others take it less seriously.

However, one thing is for sure: There are more and more individuals identifying themselves as sapiosexuals on dating apps. To accentuate the seriousness of this "sexual movement," I have to mention the existence of a dating app named Sapio where the physical and intellectual attraction is united. What a time to be alive!

So, we could say that sapiosexuality is based on the popularization of the fact that no one wants to date an idiot. The desire to connect with other homo sapiens on both mental and physical levels has always been present. In the world of sapiosexuals, the accent is primarily on mental stimulation. 

Small talk, superficial people, gossiping, and uninteresting topics are huge turn-offs for such individuals. In a nutshell, people with generic mindsets are a big NO-NO. 

Needless to say that deep and inspiring conversations are the biggest aphrodisiac to sapiosexuals and the most nourishing food for their brains. That is why they don’t get along with just anyone.

With that being said, here are some tips to impress and turn on a sapiosexual:

Small talk is strictly forbidden

Originality and expressing yourself in a creative way (preferably with a few trademarks) are something sapiosexuals greatly appreciate. So, skip the small talk and tickle their brains with not-so-boring conversation starters and topics. Or even better, find a way to make boring topics exciting and fun. Impressing a sapiosexual with your communication skills is a surefire way to make them notice you. 

Use the power of mental stimulation

Thought-provoking questions, witty banter, and sarcastic tendencies are the things sapiosexuals live for. If you want to arouse a sapiosexual, you need to mentally stimulate them (before the physical part). Most importantly, you need to do it right like being in the company of a sapiosexual person is your natural habitat. Remember: If you fake it, you won’t make it.

Intellectual pursuits should be your new hobby

Books, books, and some more books, mentally stimulating movies, and taboo topics are great ways to boost your critical thinking. Fiery discussions with sapiosexuals are the best foreplay where you can show off your intellectual strength and make them beg for more (referring to the intellectual part, of course). And don’t jump into the "trying too hard" mode. Be cool and confident in your knowledge. Otherwise, you’ll invalidate your own intellectual credibility and (potentially) fall into the generic people category, which is something you should avoid at all costs.

Talk nerdy

You don’t have to be legit Sheldon Cooper but it’s essential that you have some nerdy inclinations and your own style of nerdy talking. For sapiosexuals, nerdy talk is the new dirty talk. If you’re capable of capturing their undivided attention, then you know you’re doing it right and it’s only a matter of time when the mental stimulation will reach its climax. 

Be open to trying new things

Don’t be tempted to fall into a rut with a sapiosexual when it comes to sex and relationships in general. Why? Because if you do, there will be a lack of mental stimulation which is crucial for sapiosexual maintenance. Widen your horizons, get out of your comfort zone, get weird and nerdy. Turning on a sapiosexual is an art in itself because they perceive the brain as the hottest body part. If you can tickle their mind, they will be more than willing to share their body with you. 

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