Managing Anger after Discovering Infidelity

Some people react angrily when they learn of a partner's infidelity. Others respond calmly. Most people find that they swing between the two extremes in the days, weeks and, sometimes, months following the discovery of a partner's infidelity. 

The aftermath of infidelity is often a confusing and difficult time for both partners. Here are some strategies to manage your emotions now, for a better chance at repairing the relationship later:

How can a couple deal with lingering loyalty to the affair partner?

After an affair is revealed, the partner who's been having another relationship may feel conflicted about cutting off contact with the person. This feeling of attachment is complicated by the fact that affair partners often work together or otherwise see each other on a regular basis. 

Lingering loyalty or connection to the affair partner feels outrageous and hurtful to the betrayed partner--and rightfully so. If you've agreed to stay together and work on your relationship, it's essential to re-establish trust and end all contact with the affair partner. However, both partners play a role in easing back into their relationship and allowing the affair relationship to fade away in importance:

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