Mechanical "male"functions: delayed ejaculation

In the last year I've not only seen a significant increase in the number of men who are grappling with some form of DE (delayed ejaculation) --guys who can only reach orgasm via masturbation, guys who can't reach it at all--I've also been hearing increasingly from the partners of men with DE: women who are confused, at a loss, and fearful that their own desirability, or possible lack of sexual skill, may be part of the problem.

To get to the heart of the matter, I sat down with Dr. Michael A. Perelman, sex therapist extraordinaire and co-director of the Human Sexuality Program at Cornell Hospital in New York City. A pioneer in building a bridge between medicine and psychology in the treatment of sexual issues, Michael is one of the world's foremost experts on MODS (Male Orgasmic Disorders) and DEDs (Diminished Ejaculatory Disorders) and reassures us, with empathy and insight, that one's sex life should never be declared DNR (Do Not Resuscitate).

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