Sexual Mixology

Hey Guys, when it comes to pleasuring a woman, do you know how to mix the perfect cocktail of deliciously satisfying sensations? Sure, you probably have your own classic recipes for creating sexual intoxication, but have you added a dash of A-spot stimulation, or mixed in some deep U-spot contact, or blended clitoral and G-spot vibrations?

For some summer sizzle, try our Good in Bed recipe to "shake" her body and "stir" her desires:

• Start with 3 parts clitoral stimulation

This area is a woman's sexual epicenter, an orgasmic powerhouse in which no sensation goes unnoticed. The vast majority of sensitive nerve-endings that contribute to the female orgasm, and make up the clitoral network, are concentrated on the surface of the vulva and respond much more to persistent stimulation than to penetration. 

According to Emily Nagoski in her book on Female Orgasms, "the clitoris is the center of a woman's erotic world. In fact, 95 percent of women self-pleasure with no vaginal stimulation at all." 

In a series of experiments, the late Dr. Alfred Kinsey asked five gynecologists to examine the genitals of almost 900 women in order to find out which areas were the most sensitive. "The deep interior walls of the vagina really have few nerve endings and are quite insensitive when stroked or lightly pressed." But when gently touched on their clitorises, 98 percent of women were aware of it. So pour that clitoral stimulation slowly, gently and liberally.

• Now, blend with G-Spot stimulation

 Short for the Grafenberg Spot, this area of spongy tissue is located on the front upper wall of the vagina and is about the diameter of a dime. While sensitive to stimulation, but without as many nerve endings as the clitoris, the G-spot generally responds to a more persistent, massaging pressure. If you've heard the term "blended orgasms" that's usually referring to the combination of clitoral and G-sport stimulation. Many guys blend these sensations through a combination of oral and manual stimulation - so blend thoroughly!

• Now stir in some A-spot stimulation

 Also known as the Anterior Fornix, this patch of sensitive tissue is just above the cervix, at the innermost point of the vagina. Apparently, its existence was first reported by a Malaysian physician in Kuala Lumpur in the 1990s. Direct stimulation via intercourse adds deep vaginal sensations to the clitoral ones for a full-bodied experience. And if she's on top, you'll be able to consistently maintain the blended stimulation described above.

• Garnish with a dash of U-Spot stimulation

 This small area of extremely sensitive tissue is located just above, and around, the urethral opening. It responds to very gentle fingertip caresses, but elicits powerful responses, especially when a woman is extremely aroused.

Stimulating all four of these areas is going to take some creativity and collaboration. Of course, most importantly, you'll need to bring your love, respect, awareness and appreciation of her unique sexual responses.

So mix well, and enjoy leisurely. An orgasmic cocktail is always to be savored.

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