Sex During Pregnancy

For lots of couples, a positive pregnancy test can suddenly shift the focus from conception to the baby itself. Your sex life needn’t take a breather for the next nine months. In fact, the milestone of baby-making can be a fun call to action to increase intimacy and sexual connectedness. A healthy satisfying sex life can actually be good for pregnancy. It helps bond couples, increases happiness, and makes you feel closer to your partner.

Table of Contents

Pregnancy and your sex life

We’re all familiar with the stereotypical symptoms a woman can experience during pregnancy—larger breasts, wider hips, stretch marks, morning sickness. But pregnancy is so much more than that. Everyone is different, and what you experience in terms of desire and libido may not be the same as what your sister or best friend feels during her pregnancy. There are, however, some typical patterns in the ways that pregnancy can affect sexuality:

Libido. Although hormones and increased blood flow to the pelvis certainly play a role, the urge to merge when you’re pregnant can be very individual. In general, though, libido tends to wane during the first trimester, when pregnancy symptoms can%2

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