Best new sex toys of 2021

Time for a different type of spring cleaning

Written by Abby Lee Hood

It’s almost spring, and while it may be chilly in your home state right now, we can all look forward to tiny spring blooms, rain showers and warmer weather on the horizon. It’s the chance to get outside, feel the fresh air and of course, add a little something new to our pleasure routines.

By this point in the year it’s likely we’ve slumped, slacked or given up on our New Year’s Resolutions, and that’s okay! Spring gives us the opportunity to start all over again. With that in mind we’ve rounded up the best new sex toys of 2021, including the best vibrators for women and people with vulvas. You’ll enjoy them all year long!

From warming toys to intimate essentials and a super spicy power-blasting clitoral suction toy, we’ve got you covered!

O-face on 

Forget wearing your heart on your sleeve; wear it on your head! We love this fun bucket hat from Dame that’ll show off what’s really on your mind without being too NSFW. Show off your body and sex positivity with the O-face emoticon design! Prefer a classic baseball hat style instead? They’ve got that, too, as well as other intimate accessories, toys, and lubricants

Turn up the heat 

We’re loving new sextech innovations by companies like Lora DiCarlo. Their new warming line of products warm quickly to a comfy 104 degrees Fahrenheit, just above body temperature. They’re soothing and stimulating, providing powerful orgasms that also relieve pelvic pain and make uncomfortable penetration so much more satisfying for those of us who struggle with sexual discomfort. Drift is a warming handheld bullet vibrator, Tilt is a warming vibrating plug, and Sway is a warming double-ended vibrator. Get your buzz on your clitoris, G-spot, P-spot or anywhere you want a little stimulation.

Intimate essentials  

Toys aren’t the only intimate products you need, and Maude creates a lineup of pleasure essentials that will heat, spice and freshen up your routine. Work out all your partner’s tension with this ultra-hydrating multi-use massage oil or snag some of their natural latex condoms, made without harmful chemicals or fragrances. Plus, they’re super thin and easy to open! We know better than anyone that intimacy is just as much about mood and ambience as it is about positions or crazy trends. Keep things soft, smooth and intimate with your favorite Maude products!

Wax on, wax off 

Want to try something new? Pick up one of Aura’s couple’s candles for a fiery massage. Body-safe and made with 100% natural and vegan ingredients, this sexy candle melts down to a wax you can drip, pour and smooth into skin for a hydrated, slippery skin-on-skin experience. The massage oil is made of a moisturizing mixture of cocoa and shea butters enriched with jojoba, sweet almond and argan oil, perfect for close moments. But remember, intimacy isn’t only about sex and p-in-v action. Spring is the perfect time to pick up a new skill, like learning how to ease muscle tension and help your partner relax. 

Incredible power 

When we heard about Lelo’s new Sona 2 Cruise clitoral suction toy we were floored. It saves 20% of the charged battery power so when you press it harder into your body when you're about to climax, it will unleash its reserve, as the tagline suggests. Buzzfeed calls it “clitorally mind blowing” and we have to agree. Boring vibrators are out, and high tech sextech is in. Lelo delivers with this new design, and you’ll love the sensitive sucking motion on and around your clitoris. 

Two is better than one 

Double your stimulation with the Bellesa silicone double dildo in either blue or pink! The pliable silicone moves with your body, making it great for G-spot stimulation and anal penetration at the same time. We love the curved design that allows for an easy grip, and the $29 price can’t be beat!

Go all in 

The Satsifyer Masturbator is a great option for our friends with penises out there. Also recommended by Buzzfeed, this masturbator uses an “innovative internal pressure regulator” you’re in control of. Choose powerful or softer pressure for a personalized experience. A great sextech choice anyone with a penis will love!

The best lube for you 

We love Cake’s gender- and orientation-inclusive take on intimate lubricants. You can never have enough lube, especially when it comes to penetration in sensitive areas like anal play, and Cake has options for queer and straight couples alike. Take their quiz to get the right lubricant for you and your partner, then get ready for a fun, pleasurable night!

No matter what you’re looking for, there’s a new toy or product for you this year. We wish you many, many, many orgasms and intimate moments in 2021. And if you’re trying a new toy designed for penetration, especially anal play, may we recommend you brush up on some tips to make things as smooth and comfy as possible?

Just remember, while climax is important, there’s no requirement to come or perform. Enjoy yourself and the sexual journey this season without pressuring yourself. Here’s to your best pleasure ever! 

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